The production of musical instruments

The Liuteria Montecassino utilizes the best technologies for sound pipes’ realization. The utilization of these technologies, combined with the skills developed over years of studies and experimentation, guarantees the best musical response, in terms of sound quality, reliability and intonation.   Each of the phases of the instruments production cycle is dealt with great care and foresees the utilization of precision techniques and equipments.

Every instrument realized in our laboratory brings back the “old prodigy”: sound is generated from a simple wooden block and a common cane reed, without any other artifice.

According to a millenary tradition, we use the best resonance wood: Olive wood, Cerry, Maple, Pear Wood as well as Boxus, Ebony and other wood variety selected according to the kind of instrument to be realised.

Natural air drying guarantees the top quality for the wood with which the instruments of Liuteria Montecassino are realized. In order to detect potential flaws or mechanical deformations, fresh chipped wood waits for some years before being processed.  In fact, once the seasoning is completed, all natural processes of deformation and mass reduction are terminated thus assuring an optimal workability and a better duration of the instrument over time.

Particular attention is attached to reeds manufacturing, as they are specific for each typology of instrument. The quality of cane (accurately selected), the geometry of the reed and the form of the brass pipes are part of the long process of manufacturing and fine-tuning of the instruments.

Reeds can be made to measure and tailored to the musician’ needs to obtain different music colours for each instrument. …additionally Liuteria Montecassino can personalize the instruments with particular decorations and technical solutions on demand.